In Sales/purchase getting error of You have left some fields empty to add Ledgers!

Here we are going to find what are filed which are empty due to which its selected entry are not going to tally. Kindly look for yellow warning sign on the headers in your transaction screen and resolve it.

Open Sales/Purchase transaction page scroll right side of the screen.


Then check in which columns you find a error triangle in yellow stop there


Click on the error yellow triangle there you will find unselected record .


After clicking on the record you will get the Unselected Records update it with the respective ledger


**Note** : : If the ledgers showing as unselected are not created in tally, simply create it from Suvit itself. In case of party account name and Name of item, you will get a "+" button if you click on it; all the unselected ones will automatically get created in Suvit and when you will transfer the entries along with it the name of party and stock item will also get created.

Now the transactions are ready to push .