Install Suvit desktop (Tally connector) application

Suvit desktop tally connector application will be a bridge between Suvit & Tally in your system. You can install it from your Suvit login.

Welcome to Suvit

Once successfully registered with Suvit, you need to install the Suvit Desktop Tally Connector application in your system. It is mandatory because the application will act as a bridge between Tally and Suvit while processing the data.

  • Installing Suvit application is simple and fast. You can install the application by clicking on the suitable configuration as per your system type; 64 Bit or 32 Bit as shown in below image:

    1 app download.png

Suvit is compatible with Windows 7 or higher versions of the Windows operating system. To install Suvit

  1. Click the 64 Bit or 32 Bit icon to download the Suvit .exe file. 2. bit.png

  2. Double click on the downloaded file, it will install automatically. 3intsalling.png

  3. Suvit desktop (Tally connector) application will be downloaded in your system and then double-click to install it (Click on the "Run" button, if prompted, and sit back for some seconds while application gets installed in your system.).

  4. Upon successful installation, you must sign in with your credentials to log into the application and get started. 4app1.png

After you sign in, you will need to follow the instructions (if any), visible in the form of a pop-up or likewise to make configuration settings of Tally with Suvit.

Now you are ready to begin the work. Click here to learn about subscribing to the company and synchronizing the ledgers.