Save entries and send transactions to Tally

After successfully uploading of bank statement, you need to select & save the ledgers for each transaction & send those entries into Tally.

Save entries and send transactions to Tally

Once your bank statement is "complete", click open it. You will be able to select ledgers for every transaction. Also, bulk ledger selection is available in case you have similar entries to be posted in a common ledger.

Once all the ledgers are selected, click on save button to save those ledgers for the transactions and click on "Send To Tally".

1send to tally.png

Once data is in process, it will be either sent in Tally or could be failed to sync in Tally, as seen in below respective images: 2sent to tally.png

If the transaction doesn't work to sync in Tally, please refer to this article to fix it and re-sync it.