"Complete" status after processing the statement

The statement is in "Complete" status, so one can begin working and select ledgers for the transaction to send the data in Tally.

The statement is processed successfully when it shows under the status "Complete" click on it to open the extracted statement. Now, you can begin by selecting ledgers for the transactions and saving them. Once the ledgers are saved, you can send the saved data in Tally.


You can select ledgers transaction-wise individually as well as in bulk. You're welcome to visit here if you want to know more about ledger selection. As discussed in this article, you can also use various filters to make your work smoother and faster while selecting the ledgers.


If any ledger is not there in your Tally and you want to create it, you can directly create from Suvit by using our features of "Create Ledger" and "Bulk Ledger Creation" to create ledgers in bulk. Once that entry is sent in Tally, that ledger will also get created simultaneously.

Once you are done with selecting ledgers, save them and then send the transactions to tally as shown in below image:


Once the data is sent successfully, check entries in your Tally, and that's how it can be done.