Use of General Filters

Use various filters like date filter, transaction type filter, Narration, Amount, Saved data, etc to select the ledgers.

In Suvit, you can select ledgers for the transactions; for that, we have a number of filters available to make your work easy. Given below are the filters and their applicability for selecting the ledgers:

  1. Date wise: You can filter the data by a date range you wish to work for. The option is available on the transaction page, as shown in the image below. Also, if you do not require a particular date range's data to be transferred in Tally, filter that date range and delete it from Suvit itself. That way, you'll be given the data you'd like to work upon.


  1. Narration/Description wise: If you have common transactions to be posted in 1 ledger, simply search the common keyword. For example, "SMS Alert Charges", "G-pay", etc., search in the search bar of description to get all those transactions posted in one ledger. Refer to below image for a better understanding:


Once all the transactions are filtered out, select all and from bulk operations, set the desired ledger to be chosen for those filtered transactions and save it as displayed below image:

3bulk ledger selected.png

  1. Transaction type-wise: If you want to work for transaction type-wise: Receipts or Payments, you can use this filter.

4transaction type.png

  1. Amount range wise: Filter out the range of amount you want to work for by simply using this filter as shown below image. This will give you the list of transactions in your desired range:

5amount filter.png

  1. Hide Tally pushed: By selecting this filter option, you can hide the data sent in Tally from Suvit. This will help you view the transactions yet to be sent in Tally to work hassle-free.

6hide tally push.png

  1. Blank records: This filter provides you with the list of transactions in which ledgers are yet to be selected and saved for sending in Tally:

8 blankblank records.png

  1. Saved records: When you select this filter, it will give you the list of transactions with ledgers set but yet to be sent in Tally. 7saved.png Once the ledgers are selected for all the transactions, you can save them and send them to Tally.

Also, we have a unique feature available: Suggested ledgers, which we will discuss in the following article over here.